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Game-changing Sustainability. At Scale.

Pla:ngo is a sust-tech solution designed to remove the most common barriers to ESG success and facilitate relevant and actionable cross-sector partnerships.


As many as 90%
of relationships between NGOs and corporations fail. 

This is due to distrust, lack of strategic clarity, collapse of communication, or misalignment in reporting. It is costly, time-consuming, and damaging to the brand, the initiative and the planet.

Our dynamic dashboard ensures clarity, transparency and efficiency in planning, communicating, tracking and reporting on project performance and impact against SDGs.

Bringing together brands, NGOs and investors to create game-changing sustainability programs and deliver radical positive impact. At Scale.

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The Ecosystem We Serve



Looking to improve their CSR strategy to better connect profit and purpose


Looking for a purpose driven community to collaborate, improve, grow and perform



Looking for vetted, trusted and scalable SDG projects for green financing


Looking for trusted and honest partners to help accelerate their work
and demonstrate real, valuable impact

How it works

How it works?

I am an

Yes, I want to scale my activities, increase my  resources and maximise my impact.

I'm a

Yes, I want to bring my ESG plans to life, offset negative footprint and report on tangible, impactful business for better.

I am an

Yes, I want my investment to enable powerful and credible solutions for sustainability with long-term positive impact for all.

I'm an Entrepreneur

Yes, I want to be a part of a community that collaborates for a more sustainable future.

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Pla:ngo in Action

Value to HotelHip

Success! Finally a project that works and allows HotelHip to actively report on real ESG performance AND the NGO is empowered to deliver meaningful impact that benefits both the environment and local communities. HotelHip sees Pla:ngo as a tool to differentiate, build reputation and attract more valuable guests.


Using Pla:ngo they get connected with vetted and scored NGOs appropriate for their ambitions. Pla:ngo’s project dashboard and tools provide both sides the visibility needed to effectively communicate, measure and optimise the program.


HotelHip have tried and failed to work with local NGOs on localised ESG initiatives. The goals were not met, the reports were messy and the communication broke down. To thrive in their industry now they must make meaningful progress but they can’t find the right partners and struggle to track and report in a way that meets the expectations of their stakeholders.

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Get on Pla:ngo

Thank you for joining us!

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