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My path to Petrichor

16 march 2021


- Petrichor Planet - -

On 12th of March a year ago I boarded my usual KLM 16:50 flight from Singapore to Bali, planning to spend 10 days with my boyfriend as usual before going to back to Singapore and work. The return flight never happened. As borders shut overnight I made the difficult choice of staying in Bali to wait it out until I knew I could travel back to Singapore and knowing I could return to Bali. During these next few months Singapore went on a killing-spree. First rejecting my PR application, then rejecting my PEP extension, then my EP application and finally rejecting my entry into the country all together. After 10 years of making it my home, setting up a business and putting down some roots it fell almost like a betrayal. But my father always told me to see every setback as an opportunity, so that is exactly what I did.

My wonderful colleagues at Hill+Knowlton made it easy to keep working together remotely and I will be forever grateful for how helpful they were during a somewhat stressful and uncertain time. The work we built together on Better Impact is something I am immensely proud of and I know it will bring great success to the agency and their clients forward.


After almost a year however, I understood that moving back to Singapore was becoming a non-option and I made the again difficult choice of finishing up my work there and focusing on creating something on my own and close to my heart here in Bali.

Today I am proud and excited to be launching Petrichor Planet. A sustainability consultancy focused on helping brands and organisations make the difficult move from plan to action. I have worked in sustainability communications for several years now and know first-hand, from clients across all sectors, how hard it can be to realise the plans and ambitions of building a successful purpose brand, of creating real initiatives and programs that can have proven impact and translate directly to results on the bottom line. 

Having had the privilege of working with local companies, global MNC’s, governments and NGO’s I feel I have over the years developed a holistic understanding of the challenges and barriers each face in their sustainability journey, and I have decided to launch Petrichor to help bridge these gaps and facilitate collaborations, partnerships and programs that can be easily executed and managed on ground where it matters. To shape what I believe to be much needed sustainability led metrics to effectively connect purpose and profit in a manner that offers radical transparency and tangible results.

So X marks the spot. A year after my life changed forever, yet again, I’ve seen the great need and great opportunity in applying my skills and knowledge in this space to help companies become successful through ESG and I’m humbled by the encouragement and support coming in from all sides.

So I want to thank everyone who’s helped me get to this point, everyone already connected to Petrichor and everyone I hope I will have the pleasure of working with forward in this new and exciting chapter.

The full site will be live in the next couple of weeks, but I would love to share details around the methodologies and services offered to anyone who’s interested, so please check out the site at, message me here or drop me an email at

Here’s to a sustainable future, for people and for planet.

About the author


Hedvig Lyche

CEO, Petrichor Planet

Enabling the forces of change to create a more sustainable future.

Without trivialising the challenges, uncertainties and difficulties we are facing now in these unprecedented times, I'm somewhat uplifted by the changes we're seeing across production, transportation and consumption. Changes that could offer hope for the future of our planet

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