Enabling the forces of change for a more sustainable future.


We help our clients become powerful leading voices of sustainability. To define tangible, unique ESG initiatives and create real, radical impact; for people, planet and business.

Where are you on your ESG Journey?

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We are developing new sustainability models


We are localising global models

Getting Better

We are evolving and modernsiing legacy models


We are amplifying our ESG impact


Regardless of where you are on your sustainability journey, our solutions and services will help you effectively introduce, adjust or enhance programs and initiatives that will strengthen reputation and deliver on promises through real, tangible impact.

Find out how to strengthen your ESG strategy

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Pla:ngo, the world’s leading SaaS solution designed for Chief Sustainability Officers and Chief Marketing Officers to manage, measure and report their ESG programs

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Manage, measure and prove your impact…

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Understand how we can help you enhance your activities, increase your resources and maximise your impact.

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Understand how we can help you bring your CSR to life, offset your negative footprint and facilitate real and impactful business for better. 


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Understand how your investment can enable the forces of change to deliver on solutions for sustainability with long-term impact.

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Understand how your services can help upskill, enable and support the organisations and companies collaborating for a more sustainable future.

Why Petrichor Planet?

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We are
not into greenwashing.

We only work with companies that want to make a difference, that look beyond the regulatory requirements and search for solutions with real, lasting impact.


We partner with courageous leaders who are committed to building a legacy of purpose.

Globally Recognised.

Regionally Leading.

With Nordic expertise as our foundation and deep local presence in Asia, Petrichor Planet ensures all our programs and initiatives sit at the forefront of the industry and deliver credible, tangible and uniquely relevant impact.

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"The most sustainable country in

the world*" 

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of Excellence

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